Stepping Into Manual Mode $100.00
Want to take better photos of your children, family, or landscapes? We can teach you how! Don't waste that awesome camera anymore by using it in "Auto" mode.

SIGMA Lenses will be provided for you to try out during our workshops

You will have the option of selecting the date and location you wish to attend during the registration process.


- Sunday November 15th, 2015 3p - 7p
- Friday January 22nd, 2016 3p-7p

**If you are purchasing this workshop as a gift, you do not need to select a date to attend. You will have the option of selecting "To Be Determined" during the registration process and the attendee can contact us to select their date at a when they are ready.

Directions for where to meet:

The University of Tampa
401 West Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33606
We will meet near the ROUND-ABOUT at the ORIGINAL ENTRANCE of the University. (University Drive) Please be sure to arrive a minimum of 15 min early to allow for parking & the registration process.

Click HERE for parking details

Items Covered:

- Develop a good understanding of the exposure triangle (ISO - Aperture - Shutter Speed)

- Showing/freezing motion in your image

- Controlling the area of your image that is in focus for more interesting photographs

- Getting higher quality images indoors where there is very little light

- Learn everything you need to know in order to get beautiful, sharp, and artistic images of your children, family, friends, client, or whatever it is you enjoy photographing

What You Will Need:
- DSLR Camera

- Any lenses you may have (Sigma Lenses for both Canon & Nikon will be provided for our students to try out during the workshops)

- On-camera shoe-mount flash (HIGHLY recommended. RENT one if you do not already own one) We recommend purchasing the & Yongnuo YN568 EX ii for Canon or the Yongnuo YN568 EX ii for Nikon

- Sneakers

- Sunblock

- Water bottle

- Shoulder or waist bag to put everything in. (You should NOT carry too many things with you. The basic items on this list are all that you need. You should be able to move from location to location without having to carry too much.)

We HIGHLY recommend attending this workshop as an introduction to all of our other workshop. Having a STRONG understanding of exposure and how to use both your camera and your on-camera shoe-mount flash in MANUAL MODE is IMPERATIVE to being a successful photographer. All of our workshops require that you have these skills mastered before you can progress.

To improve the skills you learn during this workshop & using your on-camera shoe-mount flash we recommend attending "Exposure & Composition" & "Flash Photography 101" as a follow-ups to this workshop.

PLEASE NOTE: PhotoSCOOP requires 6 days notice if you want to cancel or reschedule your workshop date. A 50% fee will assessed to those providing shorter notices. Please call 813-922-1271 for assistance in moving your registration to a new date.
Total Price: $100.00